The Ancient Warrior Collection

The News

Feb 28. The presale is live today! And we’re also releasing the first warrior: The Knight! Head to Opensea and start your collection. The first 500 wallets to complete the collection get a free Knight NFT!

Jan 27. Our logo is here! Soon, the first warrior will be revealed.

A new type of NFTs

Hold to earn. NFTs that give real world benefits and rewards. No farming, no play to earn, no additional purchases.

Be part of the community

Connect with others who share your interests. We will bring people together with this and following projects.

Helping the world

We will donate to different projects aimed at saving our planet and for the advancement of science.

The Project


Different warriors

Six of the best warriors from different cultures represent each NFT part of the collection, with one special limited-edition warrior free to the first few to complete their collection. All original art hand-drawn by @paperdoll_art.

Different rewards

Each NFT gives you different earnings, received every 3, 6 or 12 months, from 18% to 20% annual yield.

Prizes and events

Every 6 months we will have giveaways, and once every two years a live community event.

How it’s done

Bridging the gap between the NFT world and constantly-evolving diversified investment strategies, based on years of experience. These include government bonds, real estate bonds, indexed funds, trading, among others.


Our world is in need, so we will work towards restoring balance by supporting eco-oriented projects like clean energy, forest restoration and water supply.

Long term

This is just the beginning. Holders of this collection will have an advantage when more benefits and future projects are released.

The Warriors

Know them. collect them. Share them wherever you like.

The Team


Ramón Cervantes

International business specialist, art and antiques broker, entrepreneur in automotive, construction and cannabis projects. The NFT expert.

Leonardo Ordorica

Engineer, manager, insurance and investments agent, entrepreneur, networker. The financial planner.


Artist, designer and illustrator. The creative mind currently developing the artwork for this collection.

Luis Ramírez

Engineer, process consultant, chef. The advisor for a solid business model.

Yasmín González

Import and supply specialist, business manager, auditor. The watchful eye.

Our Origin

Some of us have known each other for some years, others for decades, and this project brought us together to harness our skills and knowledge to create this collection.

Our Mission

To become a bridge between the world of NFTs and investment strategies, giving holders more benefit as a group. All this while having a positive impact in the world.

Our Vision

To become a driving force for the improvement of the environment. To spawn new projects and widen our reach and impact.

The Allies

who we work with

The Roadmap



15% discount

Feb 28 10:00 CST GMT-6


March 4 10:00 CST GMT-6

First earnings

July 1-10

First giveaway

October 1

The Whitepaper

The complete project



How much can I make with each NFT I buy?

Each NFT has an annual return ranging from 17% to 20% of its nominal value, paid every three months, six months, or annually. Each year, that value will have an inflationary adjustment. There’s no limit on how many NFTs you can have, you will receive for each one.

How much time will I have to dedicate to earn?

None. Well, only the time it takes you to buy your desired NFTs. This is not a play-to-earn project. There’s no farming, training, battling, buying additional items, or anything similar. Buy, admire your warriors, use them as you please, expect your regular earnings and automatically take part in the giveaways. That’s it.

How will these earnings be generated?

Diversified investments. Short, medium and long term strategies through our different alliances in different markets and industries, including but not limited to government bonds, indexed funds, trading, real estate and mortgage bonds, individual projects, etc. We are in a constant search for new and better opportunities.

Will my earnings depend on the market value of crypto?

We will make transactions only on USDC, so as to not be affected by variations in other cryptocurrencies.

What eco-projects will you be donating to?

That is up to the Ancient Warrior community. We will periodically present to you the different projects available and you will decide.

When will I receive the earnings?

Starting July 2023, on the first 10 days of the corresponding month: July, October, January and April. Our sweepstakes will take place twice a year, on April and October, and our first community event will be held around spring 2025, and every two years.

How many NFTs of the 7th warrior will be released and what will the benefit be?

A maximum of 1,000 special NFTs will be gifted to the first who acquire the complete collection. Those NFTs will have the same benefits as a $50, 19% annual return NFT.

How long will the project last?

Indefinitely. This is the first and will spawn others with different themes, benefits and rewards.

Why are you called CRYPTOEARNFTS?

Because we use crypto as the currency for our concept of earning through NFTs. (EARNFTS, get it? Earn FTs? =P)

Join us. Collect. Earn. Win.

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